MetaMagic WordPress Plugin Meta Tag Generator

HughesTech Labs:
Hughes Engineers Release New Version of MetaMagic WordPress Plugin (Meta Tag Generator). The new release allows WordPress users to create meta description and meta keyword tags automatically for their blog posts.
Simply, download and install the MetaMagic plugin from WordPress, create your blog post.

 When you are ready to publish your post, simply switch to the HTML Mode and add this tag <MetaMagic> at the very begining of the phrase you want as a meta description.

 Next add this tag </MetaMagic> at the end of your phrase.
Do not switch back to Visual Mode in the WordPress Editor or the tags you entered will be lost, instead click the Preview button and view your post.

 You can now view your web browser’s page source to see your meta description and meta keywords for your post. If you are happy with the preview, then close the preview page and click the Publish button.


HughesTech Labs


Fix For Google/WordPress’ Translation Problem

HughesTech Labs:

This fix for WordPress v2.3.3 is in reference to our post about 8 hours ago.

We put our best Engineer on the apostrophe character problem that WordPress has with Titles around 1 A.M. EDT Today, he emerged from the Lab about an hour ago looking a bit pissed and agitated when he threw a printout in my in-basket.

He said to fix the apostrophe character problem with WordPress v2.3.3 you must edit the file called default-filters.php located in the wp-includes directory.

He said there are 2 changes that need to be made:

// Format strings for display.

$filters = array(‘comment_author’, ‘term_name’, ‘link_name’, ‘link_description’,
‘link_notes’, ‘bloginfo’, ‘wp_title’);

foreach ( $filters as $filter ) {

// add_filter($filter, ‘wptexturize’); Comment this out as shown
add_filter($filter, ‘convert_chars’);
add_filter($filter, ‘wp_specialchars’);

// add_filter(‘single_post_title’, ‘wptexturize’); find this line and comment it out

He is good…

Now if you use the apostrophe character in your WordPress post, Google will actually see the title as it was meant to be, and you should show up in the Google search results if you copy and paste the title of from your WordPress post into Google’s query search form.

As you can see this post is now using the apostrophe in the title….

Good work Sam, go get some sleep