PowerBall Numbers Generator for Windows Released | Lottery Roller

HughesTech Labs:

The Engineers at HughesTech have released their desktop roller. PowerBall Numbers Generator v3.0 for Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.x, 10 Released.
This Lottery Roller can be moved anywhere on the viewable Windows Desktop.
The best news, PowerBall Numbers Generator is released as FREEWARE.

Download and Install the PowerBall Numbers Roller here.

Fix Formica Burns, scratches, & chips

HughesTech Labs:

Sometimes we have accidents where we might burn, scratch, or chip Formica counter tops etc.  Sure you could spend hundreds of dollars getting a new counter top installed to fix the Formica. We found a cheaper and better way to fix Formica Burns, scratches, & chips in the counter top. You can now repair your Formica or any hard surface with the same kit ( Quick Fix-A-Chip Repair Kit ) we used by: ReStor-It and you can get it here.