PageSpeed TuneUp Services for Webmasters

HughesTech Labs:

Our Engineering Team as released PageSpeed TuneUp Services for Webmasters.
Google provides the testing engines to test web pages to see if they comply with their
initiative to Make the Web Faster. We now provide a service to help Webmasters achieve web pages compliant with Google’s great initiative. This Service is for Mobile and Desktop type Web pages. Visit our PageSpeed Tuneups page to get started.


Stop Passing Your Link Juice and Page Rank to E-Stores

HughesTech Labs:

Our Engineers have been probing some of the largest E-Stores on the internet and how they get so popular! When Google ranks a site, they give each site and each page within a website or blog what Google calls: “Page Rank”!

Generally, the higher the Page Rank score (0 – 10, 10 Being the best) the closer that site returns to the TOP TEN listing on the first search result page at Google.

Although, we have seen some websites with pages that only have a Page Rank of three (3) to be the number one result at Google!

Webmasters work hard to rank well a Google! Why? Because Google is the King and they really earned it with the speed at which they can produce valid and quality search results and we all know they are good at what they do!

If you want traffic to your site, then you have to play by their rules!

Like it or not, they are the King!

Google will still be here when the other Search Engines throw in the towel!

So, we must all play by Googles’: Webmaster Quality Guidelines!

Sorry about giving a sanpshot about Google, but others that may read this article will hopefully change the playing field for all of us!

Which brings me back to the E-Stores, some of them offer you an associate account to refer people to them!

First of all what they are really doing is Paying you (The Webmaster) to pass your Hard Earned Page Rank / Link Juice to them!

Every Outbound Link on your website or blog is:
A Positive vote by you, the webmaster who has earned his place within Google!

By placing an outbound link on your site, you are telling Google you trust them etc., thus passing them some of your Link Juice and Page Rank that Google entrusted to your site!

That is why these E-Stores take up almost the entire first page search results at Google when people search for a product name and the E-Store stocks it!

We are sick of seeing their results and would like to see some other Mom & Pop Stores show up within the top ten at Google!

It is believed that Google’s Page Rank Algorithm takes into account each and every Backlink to a Website or Blog and that determines their popularity and also part of the Page Rank Score.

Google has very strict rules about Paying for Backlinks, so then why are sites like these E-Stores giving you content to add to your Website? Because when you paste their html code within your website or blog, you are giving them another vote! Only they are not going to pay you unless a visitor to your site actually follows their link and makes a purchase!

That in our book is “Black Hat 101”!
Remember, Google does not allow paid links at all!
So Webmasters Stop Passing Your Link Juice and Page Rank to E-Stores!

The simple answer, take their links off your site!

Or you could add the rel=”nofollow” tag at the beginning of the <a rel=”nofollow” before href= (leave a space between the a and rel also leave a space between the last quote and href

Me, I would remove the link entirely! You probably didn’t even make enough money to cover your labor of adding the link to begin with!

If you must keep the link on your site and need help adding the tag, then Contact Us

jQuery a violator? Make the Web Faster initiative

HughesTech Labs:

Our Engineers have been bringing some of our websites in compliance with Google’s Make the Web Faster Initiative and have found that the use of jQuery is just not a team player when it has to load it’s entire library in our Visitor’s Browsers each time their Browser loads the page!

We were actually using jQuery to provide a pull-down menu written in CSS and JQuery. Really people? If you want a good listing in the Search Engines for your website or blog, then I would consider removing jQuery from your webpages or blog!

Even the so called compressed versions of jQuery are

internet bandwidth violators

I like that term! Anyways, we found we could add a couple of lines of JavaScript nested right in our HTML code to achieve the same functionality that jQuery was providing without having to load a 59k file within our visitors’ Smartphone and or Desktops..

We have been using Google’s “PageSpeed Service Tools” that tests everything about a webpage’s overhead to a user’s Browser and the bandwidth that it takes to transport such files from the web server to the Browser. Hats off to Google for this new “Make the Web Faster” initiative and providing the tools for testing and achieving compliance for Webmasters.. Back in the early days of the internet, bandwidth was expensive and we would require that our hosted customers did not have any images that were larger than 5k in size on their webpages just for the bandwidth issue we are facing today. There Other internet bandwidth violators out there, but we will discuss them at a later time.
So if your Website serves up an internet bandwidth violator type files, expect to feel the wrath in the very near future! If I were the jQuery an jQuery UI people, I would try to get the different Browser Authors to include jQuery within the different Browsers so it didn’t have to use the internet to transport it. You can test your webpages yourself to see if you are in compliance, just Google “pagespeed service” HughesTech Engineers can help you achieve compliance with menus etc. that rely on jQuery and convert that functionality to JavaScript so you still have the same look and feel but without the overhead that is helping to bog down the internet, simply contact us.