Winter Storm Warnings Google Sites Gadget

HughesTech Labs

We have completed the development of the Google Sites Gadget: Winter Storm Warnings.
If you currently have a Google Sites Site, then you can add the Winter Storm Warnings Gadget.

Simply get the simple install instructions and link code for the Google Sites Gadgets.

We also have another Gadget for Websites and Blogs. Both Gadgets are the same and the only difference is the way they are installed. Below is a live Winter Storm Warnings Gadget (Website & Blog Version):

Winter Storm Warnings

Our Gadgets are transparent so they look nice on any site. You can copy & paste the following html code to add the above Winter Storm Warning gadget to any Mobile or Desktop Website or Blog:

<iframe name="Winterstorm" src="" allowTransparency="true" width="290" height="250" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">
<br />
<a href="">Winter Storm Warnings</a>

PowerBall Numbers Generator for Windows Released | Lottery Roller

HughesTech Labs:

The Engineers at HughesTech have released their desktop roller. PowerBall Numbers Generator v1.1 for Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.x Released.
This Lottery Roller can be moved anywhere on the viewable Windows Desktop.
The best news, PowerBall Numbers Generator is released as FREEWARE.

Download and Install the PowerBall Numbers Roller here.

Tornado Warnings Gadget for Windows Desktop Released | Freeware

HughesTech Labs:

The Engineers at Hughestech Labs have released our Tornado Warnings Desktop Gadget for Windows.
This software is released as FREEWARE and you can download your copy here at this site.

Download the Tornado Warnings Desktop Gadget here.

Happy New Years from Hughes Technologies, Inc.