Email Spam from – Fight Back Filter It

HughesTech Labs:

We have been getting tons of Email Spam from so as required by Federal Law we are suppose to be able to unsubscribe from getting any further emails. Not with these folks, they are allowing anyone with an email list containing up to 100,000 emails to send them out via their servers daily for free!
Wow send 100,000 emails a day for free! Being that they are not unsubscribing when requested to so, it is time to turn it around on them! The following is what you can do to stop getting this email spam:

If your Hosting Company has a CPanel interface for your account then under the section labeled “Mail”
there should be two (2) options; Account-Level Filtering and User-level Filtering. If you only host a single domain name and your email is provided under that single domain name, then select option 1 (Account-Level Filtering). Both filters work the same way but the User-Level Filtering allows you to enter an email address that you want this filtering on.

Step 1: First Create a custom filter name for your filter then click the “Create a New Filter” button. We selected the filter name “” under “Filter Name:”.

Step 2: Create the Rule under “Rules”.
Using the pull-down menu select the Body option, next select the Contains option from the second pull-down menu.

Step 3: In the text box located below the two (2) pull-down menus enter the following:
P.O. Box 3881 Ramona California 92065
The above address is included in the body of every email and should be because it is also required by law!

Step 4: Next, Select the “Actions” button this will decide what happens when you get their next email spam. We selected the “Redirect to Email” option this way the hundreds of emails we get from them are sent back to their valid support email address! Fight Fire with Fire!
So if you want to do what we have done, then after selecting the “Redirect to Email” option paste this email address in the text box provided: then click save!

Of course they are going to change their text address to something else or add dashes to avoid the filter we just discussed but that is no problem, just key-in on something in the body of the email that is the same from email to email and create a new filter!