AVG 2015 Fire Fox Windows Hang (Lock Up) – Solved

HughesTech Labs:

Our Engineers have finally solved a Windows Hang (Lock Up) problem they have been seeing on many of the Windows XP Computers running AVG 2015 and Fire Fox. Of course there is no Windows support for these Machines as of April 2014, but IE is not used only Fire Fox and AVG 2015 for anti-virus. The symptoms of the problem are as follows:

When Fire Fox is left open for any period of time the entire computer hangs (no keyboard, no mouse, and clock stopped).

When starting Fire Fox computer will sometimes lock up the same as above.

The Engineers noticed this first happening with the install of AVG 2014, but could never put their finger on it. There are no crash logs etc. and the only way to get the Computer running again is to hard boot it!

To solve this issue, don’t let avg 2014 or avg 2015 provide their Web Protection for you!

Simply disable that feature in Avg. From what we understand all that the Avg Web Protection provided was a warning about a URL you were browsing if it was known bad.

Well Fire Fox already provides this feature for you.

That’s it folks… Just keeping Windows XP running!