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How to disable java on your PC. Disabling Java on all computers

This past week the U.S. Government (Homeland Security) said all users should disable Java. Then the question from many was how do I disable Java? Java is a Web Browser feature and as such can be disabled within your browser’s options.

This article will tell you how to disable java for the web browser: Internet Explorer (IE).

Disable Java on all versions of Internet Explorer:

With your IE browser open, click Tools >>Internet Options >> Advanced, next scroll down to the Java section as shown in the image below and UN-check the JRE option, by UN-checking this option, you will have to close all IE browsers you have open, but first click the Ok or Apply button to save your changes.

Disable Java in IE

When you restart your web browser, Java will be disabled. Meaning websites sites that serve java applets to your browser will no longer be able to do so… Hope this article helps