Fix Your Slow Internet Access – Wi-FI Problems SOLVED

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Fix Your Slow Internet Access, if you use Wi-Fi for your Internet Access and for no apparent reason it becomes very slow or just un-useable, then check this out:

Did you know that the wireless Telephones most people use around the house or office operate in the same Frequency Spectrum that is also allocated to the Wi-fi band of frequencies? Of course not, most people don’t.

Here is a real-life scenario; My Son was using his wireless Xbox 360 and started complaining to his Mother that the Internet wireless provided by AT&T’s U-verse RG 3800HGV-B (2Wire) wireless router was super slow, she was also on her laptop seeing the same results.

Of course they confronted me with their problem, which I was not seeing while using a LAN connection to the RG 3800HGV-B Router.

So I walked upstairs to my Son’s room and had a look around, there it was, in plain sight an AT&T Wireless house phone sitting about 2 feet from the XBox 360. I removed the phone and put it back where it belonged (down stairs) and the Wi-FI Problem was SOLVED.

REALLY, was it solved? I was curious as to why my Wife’s laptop was also slow, when the problem was in the Kid’s room.

I checked the RG 3800HGV-B Router’s status page and noticed that the wireless was getting almost 100% in errors while the wireless phone was near the Kid’s Xbox 360.

This FIX of moving the wireless phone to another location also fixed the Wife’s slow Internet Access. So not only did it cause problems with the Kid’s Internet Access, it was a Wi-Fi wide problem for all users.

So the moral of this story is, MOVE YOUR WIRELESS TELEPHONES away from Wireless Routers, Laptops, video games and anything that uses Wi-Fi.

This should really FIX a ton of Wi-Fi issues people are having.

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