Sleek v2.0 Crawler/Spider – Search Engine Spider

HughesTech Labs:

Our Engineers have started Sleek v2.0 the Internet Search Engine Crawler/Spider from Hughes Technologies, Inc. It has been several years since Sleek was used.

 In 2008 Sleek was upgraded to be Mozilla/5.0 compatible.  How Sleek works; Sleek follows links that have been reviewed for inclusion at Any Search Info Directory Search, then spiders any links of the reviewed websites and blog sites. Sleek Spider times page loads and  ranks sites prior to inclusion within AnySearchInfo Search Engine. Sleek is different than other spiders, the key to getting your web site crawled, is to first get your website or blog site reviewed and listed within the Any Search Info Directory. The Search Results Engine is powered by:  Sphider . Our Engineers are working on a New Search Engine to better serve Sleek and our users.