ie8 speed-up tip – Increase Web Browsing speed ie8

HughesTech Labs:

Our Engineers have been testing ie8 (internet explorer8) for many months to find out why it performs so poorly. When testing page load speeds with Googles’ Chrome and Firefox, ie8 did not even come close!

Some pages would actually take 15 to 20 seconds to load compared to Googles’ chrome page load time of 1 – 2 seconds for the exact page.

So if you have been seeing major page load times with ie8, we have a simple ie8 speed-up tip: Find the “Safety” pull-down menu within ie8 and look for “SmartScreen Filter” and turn it off, this will increase Web Browsing speed in ie8!

┬áThis “SmartScreen Filter” comes enabled when you install ie8.

That’s it folks, once this so called feature is disabled in ie8, page loads will start to load much quicker, for example the page that was taking 15 seconds to load, now only takes 1 – 2 seconds to load with ie8’s “SmartScreen Filter” disabled.

HughesTech Labs Engineering Team