Windows Won’t Boot – Rootkit Virus – Combofix Download

HughesTech Labs:

There are some real nasty Windows Virus software on the Internet, if your searching the web using any of the Internet Explorer versions, then you are likely to pick-up one of these rootkit viruses while visiting certain websites. Over the past two (2) months we have fixed at least ten (10) Windows Computers that have had their MBR over written by a virus.

What does MBR mean? Master Boot Record, this is a location on your Hard-drive that tells your PC while booting where your Windows Operating System is located. If your PC has lost this MBR information, then your Windows Computer will never boot (Screen Stays Black).

Most users panic, and reformat, which when complete will rewrite the MBR, but at what cost?  You will have lost all of your data unless you have a clean backup.

Step 1:  Repair the Master Boot Record by allowing your PC to boot from a CD/DVD drive, this can be set in BIOS under BOOT options. Next, install the CD  with your Windows Operating System in the CD/DVD Drive.

Step 2:  Reboot your Computer, your PC should now be booting from your Windows CD, this will take a few moments.

Step 3:  You will be prompted as to what you want to do, simply hit “R” (repair), next you will be prompted with a list of drives, select the one that Windows is installed on, this is a numeric entry like type 1 <enter>. If you have a password setup, then you will have to enter it.

Step 4:  Now at the command prompt type fixmbr <enter> you will prompted with a do you really want to this, just enter yes

Step 5:  Type exit <enter> and remove the Windows CD, your computer should now boot.

Step 6:  Download and Run Combofix to remove the rootkit virus that caused this problem. Download Combofix here

That’s it, We have had a 100% success rate using this method, but use this information at your own risk…