Cobalt RAQ3 RAQ4 Backup, Restore and Recovery TIPS

HughesTech Labs:

Restore system backup RAQ3 and RAQ4 files. As all users of Cobalt Raq 3 and Raq 4 internet appliances know, the internal Backup system is very poor for large an small sites.

Our Engineers discovered that an entire website went missing on a Raq4 Server, meaning the directory (/home/sites/site6/web) was gone and of course all sub-directories of “web” were also missing.

No problem, we have the website backed up right?  Wrong, the backup file we had archived ( xxxxxx.xxxxxx.com_complete_20090523-1010.raq ) was 1.9gb compressed.

The Engineers tried restoring the file via the “Selected Restore” process within the “Admin” Control Panel, but the restore.cgi quit before unpacking the file that was sent via the web browser, then the web browser timed out.

Panic has now set in, this how our Engineers did it:

Our Engineers copied the above listed file to another Cobalt Raq4 under the directory of “/home/sites/home/users/admin” cd /home/sites/home/users/admin, then they downloaded a file called ““, chmod 755 next they ran it:

./ xxxxxx.xxxxxx.com_complete_20090523-1010.raq

The perl script then generated a file called: out.tar.gz

Our Engineers wanted site6 extracted from the compressed tar file:

tar -zxvpf out.tar.gz /home/sites/site6  -C /home/sites/home/users/admin

This un-compressed and un-tarred /home/sites/site6 into /home/sites/home/users/admin/home/sites/site6/(entire site)

We had 100% recovery, but in the wrong server and wrong directory (what we wanted), now the engineers simply cd home/sites/site6

tar -cvf recovered.tar * this tarred the entire site (/site6/*)

Our engineers copied this new recovered.tar file to the /home/sites/site6 directory  on the correct server and un-tarred it there: tar -xvf recovered.tar

Like I said 100% recovery but what a pain, the root cause is thought to be from over-heating due to both fans failing.