PC Virus Or Dirt? Internet Explorer, PC ERRORS? Help

HughesTech Labs:

Has your PC been slowing down? Getting errors when using the Internet Explorer and other Windows Programs? Think you have a bad virus?

If your PC Computer has any of the above symptoms, then check the temperature of your Processor.

Just like when you are not feeling well you take your temperature, well your PC Processor has to stay cool also!

How to check the Processor temperature:

Reboot your Computer and before the OS (operating system) boots hit the ESC Key or the F1 Key or what ever Key gets you into the BIOS SETUP.

Next, while in BIOS Setup look for the Hardware Monitor selection and select it.

Your PC will display the temperature of the Processor, if your Processor is running at 130 degrees Fahrenheit or above, the your PC is sick and the most logical cause is DIRT!

No matter how clean you think you keep your house, business, or wherever the PC is located, the PC is a magnet for dust and dirt!

The Fix:

Shut the PC Off and remove the case, do a visual inspection around the fan motor that is mounted to a heat sink that sits on the top of the Processor.

See lots of dirt? If yes, then the best way to clean it is with compressed air.

We have an air compressor, but most people don’t, so go to your Computer store or even Office Depot and buy a can of Compressed Air, normaly sold for cleaning the Keyboard scum, but should work fine for your internal fans and heat sinks.

You might want to get a couple of cans if it is really dirty!

Also clean the Power supply fan and intake.

When the PC looks like new inside, then you are ready to try it.

Reinstall the case and Boot into the BIOS Setup screen again and Monitor the Temperature now.

You should see a major difference and your programs will work now!

You will think the PC is new again with the speed increase!

Note: A Bad fan motor can cause the same symptoms

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, then bring your computer to a PC repair shop and have it done. When doing the above procedure, you do so at your own risk! We will not be held libel for any work you perform on your PC and or damages you may cause bodily, mechanically, or electrically!

I hate having to put in disclaimers!

New WordPress Meta Tag Generator Plugin Released

HughesTech Labs:

Releases MetaMagic Plugin For WordPress

Simple to use and install WordPress Plugin should help Bloggers with SEO!

Automatically creates meta description tags and meta keywords tags for single posts.

Simply underline a phrase in your post while using the WordPress Editor and that text will be the content for the meta description tag.

The Tags in your post will be the content for the meta keywords tag.

You can also edit in seconds your old posts and add meta tags to them.

You can find additional information about MetaMagic here.

Take note of the underlined text in this post, now check our html source file (just before the head ending tag). You will see that the underlined text above is the meta description tag. And the meta keywords tag is our Tags for this post….


HughesTech Plugin Team