Fix For Google/WordPress’ Translation Problem

HughesTech Labs:

This fix for WordPress v2.3.3 is in reference to our post about 8 hours ago.

We put our best Engineer on the apostrophe character problem that WordPress has with Titles around 1 A.M. EDT Today, he emerged from the Lab about an hour ago looking a bit pissed and agitated when he threw a printout in my in-basket.

He said to fix the apostrophe character problem with WordPress v2.3.3 you must edit the file called default-filters.php located in the wp-includes directory.

He said there are 2 changes that need to be made:

// Format strings for display.

$filters = array(‘comment_author’, ‘term_name’, ‘link_name’, ‘link_description’,
‘link_notes’, ‘bloginfo’, ‘wp_title’);

foreach ( $filters as $filter ) {

// add_filter($filter, ‘wptexturize’); Comment this out as shown
add_filter($filter, ‘convert_chars’);
add_filter($filter, ‘wp_specialchars’);

// add_filter(‘single_post_title’, ‘wptexturize’); find this line and comment it out

He is good…

Now if you use the apostrophe character in your WordPress post, Google will actually see the title as it was meant to be, and you should show up in the Google search results if you copy and paste the title of from your WordPress post into Google’s query search form.

As you can see this post is now using the apostrophe in the title….

Good work Sam, go get some sleep

Careful What Characters You Use In WordPress

HughesTech Labs:

Because of the coding nature of WordPress’ Title, you can have major problems with Google seeing the correct words….

It would be best to avoid using the apostrophe character in the title of your WordPress posts, or Google will not see the word you used the apostrophe character on!

Case in point: Our Sister site had a Digg post earlier today, the title that they used read:

Weather In God’s Hands?

They simply copied and pasted the title from their WordPress Blog into Digg.

Everything looked fine as a Digg post, but Google did not see it that way, and one keyword from the title of the post could never be found searching at Google!

Why? Beacuse the encoded title from WordPress Actualy looked like this to Google:

Go-to to the actual post today and look at the title, then look at the source code of the page. You will even see it in the main title tag.

You can see what I am talking about, the most important keyword was botched, so the moral of this story is never use the apostrophe character in your WordPress title of your Post….

Project: WordPress Speed Update

HughesTech Labs:

Have you ever heard the saying:


Our Engineers have determined that using the WP-Cache Plug-in, By Ricardo Galli Granada for WordPress v2.3.3, is more than capable to handle the masses in case of a Digg front page listing etc.

The only thing you need to do is make sure your permissions are correct for the wp-config.php file, so WP-Cache can write to it.

We installed the WP-Cache plug-in from WordPress’ Plug-in Directory.

However,  we did change the Expire Time (in seconds) from 3600 to 604800, so that our servers could better handle heavy traffic loads.

Nice job done by Ricardo Galli Granada.